amazing natural eyelash enhancements

With the hundreds of eyelash enhancements on the market today including eyelash growth products, eyelash conditioners and great mascaras that enhance lashes, if you have them, there is absolutely no reason why they should not be big, bold and beautiful. Truly.

I watch my daughter and her friends do their makeup and they all have these amazing eyelashes. Every single one of them. The only thing they use is mascara! Those were the days, and then again, to get the eyelashes that I am talking about we would have had to use false ones and I don’t think most of us cared because the hot girl in high school didn’t have eyelash enhancements either. Ok, so moving on…..

Here are a few favorite natural eyelash enhancements: You can also learn about “best dermatologist in the world“, click here


Formulated by a woman named Lleonn who has spent the last decade dedicated to researching and experimenting with natural skin products, LashMantra is a 100% natural eyelash growth serum. Made with cold pressed oils of pomegranate seed, argan nut and walnut and 15 other plant oils, botanical extracts and vitamin E, you can see longer, thicker, darker lashes sometimes within a few days.

LashFood Natural Eyelash Conditioner

This natural eyelash enhancer uses peptides, natural plant extracts and soy protein to assist in promoting healthy eyelash growth. You can also use it for overplucked eyebrows.

Made with all natural herb extracts, LashFood provides thicker, darker, longer eyelashes with all natural ingredients. This eyelash enhancer will transform your tiny, frail and brittle lashes so that they become healthy and strong. Biotin, Arginine and Iris extract promote the natural growth of healthy eyelashes.

La Bella Donna Enriched Lash Enhancement

This all natural eyelash enhancer increases the length and thickness of lashes without harmful chemicals. Goes on like eyeliner and nourishes the bulb of the lashes. Made with botanical extracts, marine extracts, and antioxidant vitamins, La Bella Donna Enriched Lash Enhancement promotes lash growth and life to give you gorgeous thick lashes. You won’t ever have to worry about any danger to the eyes with this product.

the hippest eco friendly bags

Yes, I know, this is a natural skin care blog. So I am thinking some of you natural skin care advocates may be interested in all things natural so I thought I would introduce you to the hippest eco friendly bags that I have found.

These are the greatest shopping bags. Green Girl Eco Totes offers all sorts of designs and sizes….say goodbye to those ugly grocery store Eco friendly bags!

My favorite: Eco Jutes

Featuring catchy, Earth-friendly messages, Green Girl Eco-Jutes are as strong and durable as they are stylish. These eye catching Eco friendly totes are great for the market, shopping at your local boutique or even hitting the beach. Made of 100% jute, natural biodegradable fiber, water based ink dyes, these bags stand out. If going green stopped at using ugly reusable shopping bags, this is your chance to be the hippest green mom on the block.

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