Does acne skin also need sun protection?(must read)

No matter what skin must sun protection.

Exposed to ultraviolet light will damage skin cells, instead allowing more and more serious skin problems, acne skin can choose low-irritating and refreshing texture of the sunscreen product.

After sunburn care is very important.

Outer skin may appear one day out of the situation or not to strengthen after sunburn care, to avoid residual melanoma, Thick enough after returning home the essence of aloe or moisturizing whitening mask, so that the skin can restore her health. You can also learn about “how to change your facial structure“, click here

a. Wash the face with cold towel after sedation

Ordinary tap water temperature can, too ice towel it will be too stimulating

b. Apply containing ingredients or sedative effects of aloe facial mask

Aloe ingredients have the effect of sedation, moisturizing ability is also very much

c. Apply mask after mask heal crease

Let paste mask served to absorb the essence of the cheek more, but also reduce the emergence of fine lines

D.15 points can be scored after the change Shikishima neck

Cheek, the other parts are not covered with clothing for nursing

That is the essence of massage the face of excess.

Remove acne start by the details of life

Whether your adolescent or adult, when a small acne climbed up your face, definitely some panic. In fact, if we identify the real cause of acne onset, corresponding to the causes of nursing, you’ll get good results. At the same time, if mastered the day-to-day need to pay attention to details, can be highly effective.

● emotional

Optimistic about a happy mood, avoid excessive anxiety and tension, the law of life to ensure adequate sleep and good sleep quality and minimize continuous work, the number of burn the midnight oil.

● Clean

Face to maintain clean, dry, wash with warm water or cold water, and avoid using hot water wash, to avoid irritation face wash products. The market a lot of so-called “control oil” and Cleansing products, and its essence is to plug the pores, seem no longer shine, but increased the risk of acne attack.

● Skin Care

Less use oily skin care product, to avoid the use of foundation make-up, cosmetics. Many patients, especially women, suffer from acne problems, trying to heavy makeup to cover up acne, but to plug the pores, resulting in more severe acne attack.

● diet

Since the formation of acne by the sebaceous gland metabolism, patients should pay attention to control the intake of fatty foods, especially in the dinner as much as possible to eat less sugars, starches, fats category, eat more vegetables, fruits. Recommended apples, pears, tomatoes, watermelon, cucumber, sponge gourd, wax gourd, bitter gourd, etc.. Minimize the intake of irritating foods, such as strong tea, coffee, pepper, fresh seafood and so on.

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