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The Tramp, Charlie Chaplin’s most famous portrayal, is one of the most recognisable screen images of all time.

First seen by the public in 1914 in Kid Auto Races at Venice, The Tramp quickly hypixel skyblock store became popular, appearing in numerous shorts and features over the next 22 years.

In the silent movie era, distinctive costumes revealed a vast amount about the on-screen character, helping actors make a strong emotional connection with their audiences.

Chaplin himself reportedly combed through the film studio costume closets to help create a figure that would be vividly outlined on the screen. He chose a bizarre combination of baggy pants and tight jacket, small ‘derby’ hat and large shoes, to go with a toothbrush moustache and bamboo cane.

The contradictions of the costume perfectly complemented the paradoxes of the personality he invented: “a tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow always hopeful of romance and adventure.”


With the use of lenticular lenses, the reverse of our new Charlie Chaplin – 100 Years of Laughter 1oz silver coin depicts Charlie Chaplin’s on-screen character, The Tramp, jauntily walking as seen in the closing scenes of the 1928 silent movie, The Circus.

The Tramp had profound significance, for as Jeffrey Vance, has written: “The birth of modern screen comedy occurred when Chaplin donned his derby hat, affixed his toothbrush moustache, and stepped into his impossibly large shoes for the first time at the Keystone Film Company.”

The Perth Mint is delighted to be celebrating Charlie Chaplin’s enormous contribution to the movie industry with this remarkable 2014 Charlie Chaplin – 100 Years of Laughter 1oz silver proof lenticular coin and The Tramp – 100 Years of Laughter 1/4oz gold proof coin in special packaging.

Charlei_Chaplin_CoinsWith a maximum mintage of 5,000 and 1,000 respectively, these unique releases reflect the worldwide appeal of The Tramp over the last 100 years.

Extremely limited WMF Coin Show Special released today

The Perth Mint has released this iconic Australian collectable in celebration of our attendance at the year’s largest numismatic event – World Money Fair – taking place in Berlin until 9 February.


Limited to a maximum mintage of just 2,000, the 2014 Australian Kangaroo is struck from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver with a coloured image of a kangaroo in a springtime rural scene.

Each coin is housed in a display case with an illustrated shipper featuring the World Money Fair logo.

ANAGRAM Win a Land Down Under – Gold Rush 2014 1oz Silver Proof Coin

LDU_GoldPanningEnter this month’s anagram for your chance to win a stunning Land Down Under – Gold Rush 2014 Silver Proof Coin.

Struck from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver in proof quality, the coin’s reverse depicts a prospector panning for gold on the banks of a coloured river scene. With a mintage of 5,000, each Australian legal tender coin is housed in a contemporary, Australian map-shaped latex case, and is accompanied by a numbered Certificate.

Simply rearrange the following letters to solve the anagram.

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